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Captivity in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream of captivity indicates a feeling of oppression or limitation in the waking life. It is a sign of fear of attachment, it is associated with the feeling of having too many commitments at once, and can signal financial or family pitfalls. In another sense, captivity may represent in a dream a desire to cut yourself off from the outside world. In a general sense, it shows a sense of life stagnation, everyday fatigue and constantly growing tension.
    If in a dream you are in captivity in a dream, it is a sign that you are feeling emotional pressure that makes you feel bad. Dream can also be an announcement that you will suffer severe financial loss.
    When you dream that someone else is in captivity, it means that if you do not start thinking rationally, you will soon become a victim of abuse and injustice. Dream can also mean that you are facing financial problems in your life.
    A dream about an attempt to escape from captivity means fear of significant loss, and sometimes it also portends sacrifice for someone else deeds.
    When you are arrested in a dream it may be a sign of loss of freedom and independence in life, returning to the previous state will probably be impossible, especially if you accept the new situation.
    In a general sense, captivity represents a sense of stagnation in life, everyday fatigue, and ever-increasing tension.

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