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Bribery in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The dream of bribery most often means that others manage to influence you too easily. Perhaps your surroundings are urging you to do what you do. you don't feel like it at all.
    when someone tries to bribe you - then a dream means that you are struggling between two choices and you do not know which way will be the best for you
    if you witness bribery - remember that if you want to survive in difficult conditions, get up, gather all your strength and fight for yours
    if you bribe someone - a sign that you expect too much from others
    bribing a policeman - you think that you are above the law and all rules
    if someone caught you bribing - do not rush so fast, because along the way you may become a dishonest and lying person
    large-scale bribery - heralds high profits from a small venture
    anti-bribery - means that someone will appreciate you for your honest and noble attitude.

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