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Canteen in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A canteen in a dream is a sign of the need to be satisfied with both human and spiritual food, as well as social contacts with other people. The canteen fulfills many important functions: it is a place meetings, education, eating meals, for some it is also a place of work, etc.
    to see the canteen - not much has happened in your life recently, so you will start to feel a longing for pleasant dialect
    the smell of the canteen - the dream shows the attitude of people from your immediate surroundings towards you
    staying in the canteen - before you solve many important issues you better have a good rest
    order meals in the canteen - assimilation with a certain group of people and sharing your own experiences will bring you numerous benefits in your life
    sit at the table and eat in the canteen - you will be in a place where after for the first time in a long time you will collect all your thoughts and make wise decisions
    meet someone in the canteen - you will finally have the opportunity to attend an important meeting.

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