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Cannon in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The cannon in a dream symbolizes the willingness to fight for one's own, reflects a militant attitude to life, it may also indicate a lack of trust in someone. A dream may also indicate an impending danger or that someone in your immediate vicinity will be hiding something from you.
    cannon view - means that you must immediately take some action.
    firing it - your enemies will triumph
    if you hear cannon fires - expect happy news soon
    if your enemy shoots it - you will be happy to avoid danger thanks to your own caution and prudent approach to life
    soiled with dust - better be vigilant because you can be in big trouble
    cannon in the museum - if you are more careful, without h problems you will overcome all life's adversities
    if you see a cannon at war - it may herald conflicts or indicate a danger
    gigantic cannon - it is a sign that the fight for influence may take longer than you think
    small - it says that you will defend someone else
    carrying a cannon - may suggest that great promises in the face of a certain tragedy will not be fulfilled
    if you see the fallen at the cannon - the dream is an economic disaster
    army firing cannons - a sign that you will face a danger that you will not be able to overcome on your own
    water cannon - proves a conflict that is difficult to mitigate.

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