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Calculator in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A calculator in the common symbolism related to risk, thanks to which we can make very important life decisions, so in dreams it can represent the skill of careful decision making and planning. Remember that following only the logic in life will not solve your emotional problems.
    calculator view - tells the dreamer that he has to think carefully about a problem and realistically assess his possibilities
    counting yourself on a calculator - shows that you rely too much on a rational approach to life, which makes you tend to ignore your own feelings
    counting with someone - it is a sign that you will finally open up to new possibilities
    borrowing a calculator from someone - it is a sign that someone will help you solve a problem you cannot deal with advise for a long time
    as a gift - marked however, that you will start making most decisions based on money without taking into account other aspects
    incorrect result on the calculator - a warning against taking excessive risks in your life
    buying a calculator - is an announcement that someone will judge your decisions as very calculated
    broken - that if you want to move forward you must first make step back
    new calculator - means that you will finally get a clear answer to a question related to a certain math problem, think about it, maybe it's your finances in this case
    old calculator - you will finally make an important decision in your life
    solving the equation on the calculator - he warns you to watch out for cunning and sneaky people.

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