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Caftan in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The caftan in a dream symbolizes limitations, lack of freedom and unpleasant surprise. Sleep alternatively means a tendency to hide your feelings, remember not to completely isolate yourself from your surroundings you can stay alone.
    seeing it - symbolizes the image or light in which you want others to see you.
    wearing it - if you do not act according to the plan, sooner or later you will fall into your own trap
    if someone forces it on you - don't let your tamer completely incapacitate you
    torn - a message that over time it will not be easy for you to get up after a fall
    bloody - a sign that a challenge which you take turns out to be more risky than you think
    sewing it - means you'll make many more attempts before you find out that the game you want to take part is completely pointless
    a clean caftan - over time you will find out that the events of your past made sense
    free yourself from it - a sign that you will take off the burden of tormenting memories
    tight jacket - it proves that if you do not stand up in time, you will still be used by others
    white straitjacket - announces that the behavior of a certain person you have been supporting for a long time will eventually bring you down.

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