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Asthma in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Asthma can mean anxiety, fear or worry caused by embarrassing or uncomfortable circumstances for the dreamer. Dreams of asthma usually appear when we experience tension in our lives be oppression. This is quite a rare warning dream.
    if you have asthma you will ignore a matter that will prove very important to you
    when you see a person suffering from asthma - sleep is a warning against taking mindless actions
    if you have managed to cure your asthma - should be read as advice to rethink your actions
    asthma attack - it means that you feel constantly controlled by others
    when someone close to you has it - the only way to avoid stress in life is to take control of difficult situations that must be handled very carefully in life
    if using with the inhaler - whatever you try to do now will prove futile
    when you cannot prevent an asthma attack - if you expect someone to solve a certain matter for you, you are wrong , ill-considered decisions can completely ruin your life
    if you can't find your inhaler - past problems will come back to you soon, only your friends can solve them.

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