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Button in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Buttons in a dream indicate a normal life situation. In a negative sense, they indicate a hidden ability to manipulate people.
    see - it bodes prosperity and security
    buckle up - you need to relax, sometimes in life it's better to be just yourself
    unbutton - openness to others on a mental, emotional and sexual level will do you good
    sew it on - you will be able to count on someone's support but you will not necessarily get it
    barely holding the button - you are in for a big brawl because of your financial losses
    to lose - you feel insecure in your own skin
    broken button - announcement of unpleasantness
    lose him - sleep warns against adultery
    wooden button - after a period of hard work, the time will come for the expected success
    pearl - a journey to unusual places awaits you
    silver - fate will unexpectedly bring you a new love
    hemmed with fabric - herald disease.

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