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Protection money in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

Protection money in dreams in the general sense is a positive omen. However, if in your dream you pay tribute to someone, then, according to the description in the dream book, you will suffer many losses in your life or you will be deceived by people who are smarter than you. For in this sense, the racketeering dream is a harbinger of the exploitation and exploitation of the weaker. In a positive sense, tribute bodes sober up from lethargy and seeing things as they really are.

What does it mean to dream about PROTECTION MONEY?

If you demand protection money from someone, it's a sign that if you want to go through life fearlessly, with your forehead on the floor, you need to think about breaking down the invisible barriers that you have put in front of yourself.

When someone else demands protection money from you, then it may mean that you will overcome your weaknesses, which until now prevented you from moving forward in life. In a negative sense, the tribute proposes that the lawsuit has been lost.

If you pay tribute to someone in your dream, it is an announcement that you will receive an inheritance from someone or that, after a lot of effort, you will eventually lose an important trophy.

When you do not want to pay protection money to someone, it means that you will fall out with someone from your immediate surroundings. Ultimately, you will not get caught up in small games and will be yours.

High protection money may indicate financial problems, your expenses are likely to exceed your earnings and you are worried about your future. Don't worry because time will make everything return to normal after a while.

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