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Butterfly in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Butterfly is a symbol of longevity, romance and positive spirit. Perhaps you are in the middle of some kind of transformation that will soon play an important role in your life. The butterfly can also make a difference. to the need to settle down. In a negative context, it is a sign of infidelity and a lowly responsible attitude. A butterfly may mean a transformation that is forced by our spiritual guide. It is a sign of beauty and joy as well as an expression of the creative side of our personality. natural course of life. You should always focus on yourself and strive for a feeling of total freedom.
    see a butterfly - in a difficult situation you can only count on yourself
    to see a butterfly and its pupa - the change you have been waiting for has already occurred
    two butterflies in a dream - represent romance or a long and happy marriage
    several motives yli - consent, development and new inspirations in life
    butterflies flying among flowers - you will achieve success in all endeavors in which you get involved
    butterfly landing on you - it is a sign of great happiness
    butterfly landing on your head - you will rebel against an important authority
    flying butterfly - you will renew an old acquaintance, thanks to which you will gain a lot
    catch a butterfly - a dream shows your superficiality or the possessive side of nature
    to see a dead butterfly - unfulfilled goals you will postpone again
    butterfly building a cocoon - you feel tired of everyday life in your life, you want a moment of rest and respite
    young butterfly - you are unsure of your future, you would like to go back in time and return to your past
    collecting butterflies - means sexual oppression
    white butterfly - you have to face a new day, it is not enough to just want, you should strive for a better change step by step
    black butterfly - indicates the end of a certain stage, it may also mean that you should change your approach to old problems
    blue butterfly - you have high aspirations and you set ambitious goals for yourself
    yellow butterfly - a dream is a promise to improve your financial situation
    red butterfly - represents danger as well as passion and passion
    orange butterfly - you are able to easily overcome difficulties if you trust your inner voice you will achieve prosperity in life
    brown butterfly - you have an established position and you are very self-confident, try not to lose it.

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