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Boxing (sport) in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Boxing in a dream is usually associated with aggression and turbulent feelings. You cannot come to terms with your life potential. You wonder if your career path is which you chose was the right one. You may even blame someone for your choice.
    see - better take care of your own future because your savings on your account may be too small in relation to yours needs
    to lose a boxing fight - you will lose something very dear to you in your life that will be difficult for you to recover
    win a boxing fight - there will be many promising events on your way to your goal
    doing boxing - you will use a lucrative opportunity in your life that will lead you to a spectacular victory
    red boxing glove - it's time to stop fighting in your life and take action to fix a complicated situation
    kickboxing - watch out for your own health, because you may be unpleasantly surprised when it gets worse
    see the boxer - a sign of conflicts and misunderstandings between friends
    boxing fight - you will get amazing news that will make a big stir, but you should be careful who you tell about it first.

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