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Buss in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream about a buss symbolizes feelings such as love, tenderness, peace, harmony and contentment. Especially when you dream about your first kiss, then such a dream can The kiss is also a symbol of young love and fresh romance. Think about adding a little more romance to your relationship with your partner.
    see people bussing - you are too involved in someone else's relationship or personal life
    being buss by someone - a dream expresses the desire to experience love and energy in your relationship
    buss someone - you will gain positive experiences
    the dream ending just before the buss - trying to establish new relationships will end in failure
    buss the same person gender - you will achieve the level of self-acceptance
    kiss or be bussed on the hand - you will arouse respect and admiration of the environment
    buss or be kissed on the leg - you will be tormented by insecurity about the feelings of a certain person
    to buss or be kissed on the neck - a symbol of uninhibited passion and desire
    to be bussed by a stranger - you will fantasize about an idealistic romance and love
    buss your enemy - betrayal, hostility or reconciliation with an angry friend
    being bussed against their will - someone will try to convince you to adopt their ideas or opinions on a certain topic.

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