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Epigram in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Epigram in dreams is an expression of dreams of a comfortable life devoid of worries and troubles. It is also a harbinger of a happy life, harmless temptations and a harbinger of a flourishing personality and a rich imagination. Dream can also be a sign of being lost, insecure and unable to find the right path in life. Epigrams in dreams are also an expression of the constant avoidance of uncomfortable acquaintances and the desire to escape from life in a hurry. You should therefore choose one direction in which you will follow in your life, because on the one hand you want to live actively, and on the other hand you constantly want a blissful rest.
    When you see a epigram, a dream generally shows how many interesting elements your life consists of and reminds you of the depth of your own personality.
    If you read epigrams in a dream, it is a sign that you will start to belong to a less serious group, which will often make you find yourself in a very embarrassing situation.
    When you dream that you are a student and you discuss a epigram in class, then it means that you will start thinking back to your childhood, forgetting for a moment the zone of banality and triviality into which you have been pushed by life.

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