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Building in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream about a building can be interpreted as a whole or broken down into elements, which are usually its individual rooms. The entire building usually refers to life plans and reflects our the current situation, the higher it is, the more success we will achieve in our lives.
    see - you can achieve a lot in life if you don't take shortcuts
    to see during construction - you will gain recognition in life
    to be in it - a dream means a growing level of understanding and awareness of your success
    see the building collapse - loss of life ambitions and goals
    unfinished building - days of anxiety ahead of you
    abandoned foundations of the building - your plans will be annihilated by enemies
    see it in ruins otherwise you will burn out quickly
    uninhabited building - you won't manage to finish some things
    building on fire - something will disturb your joy
    beautiful and magnificent - your life will run in happiness and abundance
    new building - you will start to implement your previous assumptions while you still have time for it
    old building - melancholic memories will get you
    see the skyscraper - the dream portends wealth
    small building - luck will turn away from you
    fall off it - a symbol of endless fear for your own life goals
    official building - bodes for life failures and material losses
    see many buildings - someone claims to be your friend, but is not at all.

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