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Broth in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Broth in a dream is a symbol of comfort, good news and happiness. It is also a sign of inner emotional hunger and spiritual renewal. Broth as a nutritious soup has a warming and healing effect. the human body.
    to see - in the near future you will experience many wonderful things
    make broth - your relations with loved ones will improve significantly
    eat chicken broth - a dream bodes wealth and good prospects for the future
    duck broth - hope will be reborn in you for a better tomorrow, a dream is also a harbinger of joyful events in life.
    eat broth from someone else - you will be well served at the trip
    treat guests to broth - you will surround your loved ones with care that will be appreciated by them
    spill on your clothes - someone will tell you the sad news that you will live long.

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