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    Bread is a fundamental food of life, but it can also be the embodiment of friendship, experience of life and desires, or appear in your dream as a religious symbol. Bread often heralds a successful course of life, with particular emphasis on spiritual life. Alternatively, dream may suggest rising above your current problems.
    It is often understood as a guide to a better life materially, socially, spiritually or mentally. Classically, it also means food, strengthening and social security.
    Bread is the staple food of most nations in the world, and it is sanctified in many religions. Each stage of its preparation is a powerful charge of symbolism, but it can also have a negative meaning in a dream.
    Bread is also a symbol of humanitarianism and friendship, as well as food that strengthens both body and soul. If you dream of bread, it is a sign that your life will make sense, because your interior will grow in harmony with the community.

In this dream you may have

    see a bread - a symbol of basic life needs
    selling bread - you should be more modest in your life
    buying bread - good luck with your business or a dream foreshadows finding a loyal friend
    fresh bread in sufficient quantities indicates your willingness to fulfill your physical desires
    eating bread - is a sign that you can count on good friends
    making bread - an announcement of important events that may occur in the near future
    When you dream that the bread tastes bad or strange - it is a sign that you are not sure what you want in life or that you have made wrong decisions
    bake bread - happiness will be on your side
    carry bread - should be treated as a warning against ill-considered decisions
    feel hungry when you watch someone eat bread - the desires and achievements that you dreamed about yourself will come true to your friend or friend
    sharing your bread with other people - it means that you are capable of communicating your most important experiences to others.
    someone is eating bread and you are hungry - it means that you envy that person for their success or social position.
    fresh bread - in a dream, it is a signal of improvement in your material situation or a visit from nice guests.
    stale bread - you will soon struggle with failures that you will eventually overcome
    moldy bread - you will run into problems that you can hardly overcome
    bread crumbs - a harbinger of family happiness
    the broken bread - brings you a great blessing
    white bread - you will meet good people on your way
    dark bread - deterioration of the financial situation
    warm bread - health problems
    bread of an unusual shape - foretells you happiness, love and health.

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