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Cancer (animal) in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Cancer in a dream is a symbol of purity and perseverance. You keep your feet firmly on the ground and do not worry about minor inconveniences in your life. time in which you will have to show more sensitivity in life. Emotions will prevail over exorbitant ambitions and you will gain faithful companions.
    see - bodes stagnation in business
    catch him - the tendency to make concessions will allow you to achieve success, which you will not enjoy for too long
    not be able to catch him - yours helplessness will lead you into big problems
    hold him in your hands - you will gain influential friends
    eat cancer - improve living conditions forever will change your point of view
    get bitten by him - in financial matters better be careful, also remember that decisions made in a rush can eye be wrong
    to see him float in the water - you will clear yourself of the charges against you
    kill the cancer - you will have to face difficult challenges in your life.

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