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Brain in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The brain symbolizes our intellectual abilities and knowledge. The appearance of the brain in a dream is often a reflection of our emotional state.
    see your own brain - you try to keep your feet on the ground, carefully analyze and plan all your actions, but remember that not always everything can be planned in your life, some events depend on chance and a bit of luck
    to see a brain in a jar - your knowledge of a certain topic is insufficient
    to see a pork brain - you will finally appreciate the happiness of everyday life
    to see the calf's brain - you will feel satisfaction in the work you will be doing
    to see the brain of a wild animal - in some situations you will act like a person insane
    to have brain surgery - you try too hard in life for everything ana lick and waste a lot of time, which often makes you neglect your own feelings
    eat your brain - your situation will improve significantly and, above all, you will enjoy excellent health
    exploding brain - a certain situation will make you feel very anxious or even scared in life.

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