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Bra in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Interpreted as a need for safety and protection. Sleep can also refer to maintaining a sense of dignity or self-respect. In women, a bra sometimes reflects the increasing maternal needs.
    to see - you need friends' support
    fasten your bra - you will get involved in someone else's intimate matters
    wear it - success in both work and love
    walk without a bra for women - it bothers you that you have no control over something
    clean - erotic plans will end soon
    wash it - home happiness will lead you to your desired goal
    dirty - financial losses or surprising news
    assume - mitigate the conflict
    put back on front - a person close to your heart will make you a pleasant surprise
    buy a bra - your opponents will try to harm you, luckily without success
    stylish bra - a dream portends success at work, it is quite possible that your supervisor will publicly praise your achievements, and maybe even award you a bonus
    old, damaged - you will reveal your moral principles
    mismatched bra - you will fall victim to indiscretion.

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