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Bottle in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    It often represents the dreamer's personality with all its traits. The dream calls us to come out of hiding and use the full potential that lies within us.
    see the bottle - you cannot hide your feelings and emotions constantly, you have to learn to express them directly
    bottle with unknown content - small successes will make you feel enormous enthusiasm in your life
    poison bottle - someone manipulates you and has a huge, destructive influence on you
    bottle with champagne - you need company
    bottle of wine - wealth and prosperity await you
    bottle of water - heralds positive prospects for the future
    smash or see a broken bottle - losses and disappointments; a dream can be a kind of preparation for a sad event
    see an empty shoe elka - your internal emotional resources have already been exhausted; you feel an emotional void
    with a pacifier - a friendly man will finally reach out to you.

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