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Chalice in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Symbolizes love and good education, can also signify rejuvenation and healing. In a negative sense, it portends painful events and is also a symbol of the mother's womb.
    see it - an unpleasant surprise awaits you
    drink from it - bode happiness and peace
    drink from it wine - in some way you will resort to the sphere of dreams and fantasies
    lift up - remember not to rest on your laurels; achieved success does not mean that you can stop working
    drop or break - bad sign
    break the cup - false friends will try to take advantage of you
    damaged chalice - means a feeling of helplessness, remorse and low self-esteem
    chalice - this time fate will be on your side
    a cup of poison - what will fall on you misfortune
    golden - you have to be patient because things will be delayed and you won't have any influence on it.

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