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Blouse in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream may suggest a problem with expressing your own feelings and emotions. You cannot deal with criticism, you are a person sensitive to personal reproaches and you endure them badly. characterized by uncertainty and confusion. Pay attention to the style of the blouse and its fit, this will help you better define your emotional state.
    to see - you sometimes give in blindly and give too much trust
    wear or buy - you will hide feelings for a certain person
    white - you are experiencing a crisis; try to control your emotions and change your own attitude to a situation or person and everything will turn out in the right direction
    damaged or dirty - someone has a grudge against you
    sell - warning against wicked people who spread malicious gossip about you
    beautiful and elegant - p you will listen to your own instinct, which will also not disappoint you this time
    old - someone suddenly turns away from you
    matched - they will appear long-awaited chances.

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