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Barn in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A barn in a dream depending on whether it is full or empty is a predictor of great wealth or common poverty. Everything that is in the barn is it is usually food supplies for animals and people that is important in interpreting dreams.
    see the barn - you will be content with small changes that will improve your current work
    to be in the barn - you will do your best to fulfill your obligation or keep your word
    barn fire - a certain person will destroy what you have built so far, after such an incident it will be difficult for you to achieve the former stabilization
    barn cart - sleep is a sign of harvesting fruit thanks to the hardships of the present life
    build a barn - the dream sets the direction of our earthly path, in this case the barn can be a symbol of life in the midst of nature
    If in a dream every day you work in a barn then a dream is a manifestation of improvement in the current lifestyle or, on the contrary, satisfaction with the current existence.
    Full granaries in the barn are an announcement of an improvement in the wealth of the wallet. If the grain harvest has not been successful in a given year and the barn granaries are completely empty then sleep is a sign of poverty or bankruptcy.

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