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Birthday in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Birthdays are an extremely positive sign in a dream. They can indicate an influx of energy and a change in attitude. Moreover, they suggest that everyone has the right to celebrate their life achievements. .
    celebrate a birthday party - surround yourself with untrustworthy people
    celebrate birthday yourself - you are on your own; you are worried that no one will give you help or support if necessary
    celebrate them away from home - it bodes weakening family contacts
    celebrate someone's birthday - you will receive help from a loved one, remember to thank them duly for it
    to dream that others have forgotten your birthday - you are in someone's shadow, you feel lonely and underestimated by others
    child's birthday - the dream is a reminder that man does not live by work and duties alone, and that time you should also find time to rest
    blow out the candles during your birthday - someone close to you will be touched by the words of your criticism
    receive a birthday present - the more gifts you get, the more happiness you will have in life
    bad birthday - you have been hiding a deeply hidden regret for some time.

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