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    The dream of cheating occurs very often in people who do not feel safe in their lives.
    betray someone - some old thing that you thought you already had overcome will come back to you and you will have to face it
    to be betrayed by someone - stop feeling sorry over yourself; you cannot afford the luxury of being helpless - you should shake off your lethargy and firmly grasp the helm of your own life, otherwise you will end up stranded
    inadvertently betray someone - the dream reflects your bitterness and disappointment most likely caused by the lack of the expected successes in life
    plan the betrayal - focus on a serious goal - it would be a shame to waste such a good streak
    prevent betrayal - you will have to stray from the beaten path, perhaps master a new skill, think ahead and take some bind ce decisions
    hide the betrayal - a case from the past will take a lot of your attention
    see someone betray us - do not let get confused because you are on the way to guaranteed success
    to betray a family member - a very bad omen and a sign of mental problems
    betray a partner - is an announcement of financial problems.

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