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    A bell in a dream is a warning or a call for immediate action, while the sound of a bell announces the beginning of a new phase in life.
    see the bell - you hide many negative feelings and emotions; sleep may mean a desire to rest and distract yourself from everyday matters and responsibilities
    hear the bell - a warning or a summons to change the current lifestyle
    hear a lot of bells - the dream foretells rumors and gossip
    hear the clear sound of the bell - according to old dream books testimony to a quiet, healthy old age
    ring the bell - the beginning of something new or preparation for what is to happen
    see the bell but not hear its sound - show great courage
    church bell - someone will stop you from doing a bad deed
    evening bell - the old conflict will end with a settlement and reconciliation
    a constantly ringing bell - you feel a strong fear of the upcoming changes
    silver bell - you are trying to get rid of negative energy or attitude
    golden bell - you want to get someone's attention.

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