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Bell in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The bell in a dream is associated with awakening and is associated with the awareness of inner feelings. Historically, the importance of dream has to do with the warning of catastrophe and even death. A modern interpretation from the dream book suggests that you should work on improving the relationship with your own environment in your life. According to the Western tradition, a bell seen in a dream portends a deterioration of relationships with other people, it is also an omen of upcoming changes in life. However, it never indicates the direction in which these changes are to take place.
    If you look at the bell or have it in your hand, then such a dream means that you are going to build a new house or be successful with the help of loved ones.
    If you hear the bell ringing in the evening or late at night, it may mean that your sadness will turn into happiness in the near future.
    A doorbell means that you need to be more courageous in some matter. Constantly hiding behind the backs of others may not ultimately help you.
    If you ring the bell, according to the interpretation of the dream book, you will make someone happy by accident.
    When you see the bell but cannot hear it, remember not to do something that you are unable to achieve.

Detailed interpretation of the meaning of the dream about the bell:

    If a woman dreams that she is receiving a bell as a gift from someone, it means that she may soon get married. If, on the other hand, she dreams of losing the bell, then her husband may be in real danger in real life.

If in a dream you hear the sound of the bell:

    Such a dream usually signifies that you will get good news. For people who live under constant tension, the sound of a bell is mainly a sign of quarrels and general dissatisfaction. If you hear the sound of the bell yourself, it is a sign that a new enemy will appear on your way, causing you a lot of trouble and worry.

Bell in other cultures and dream books:

Arabic dream interpretation:

    A broken bell in dreams heralds divorce.
    If you hear the bell, it is a sign that you will soon have a long fight for an important trophy.
    Church bells indicate the victory of one friend over the other.

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