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Beautician in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    An erotic dream that may be associated with some anxiety in life.
    see the beautician - you want to become someone other than you are
    to be with her - someone will expose you and you will have to create your own plans again
    to be a beautician - you want your unwavering appearance to reveal your inner qualities
    to have some treatment performed by her - for a moment you will completely forget about everyday life
    be satisfied with her services - the unreal may come true in your life right now
    not be satisfied with her services - you feel that the closest environment underestimates you and forgets about you; maybe a dream shows the situation at home or at work, e.g. no chance for a promotion
    to be with her on the occasion of an important event in life - attention to social events e; remember not to make a mistake that you will regret very much afterwards.

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