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Bathrobe in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A bathrobe in a dream is a symbol of living in harmony with relatives and nature. It is a sign of emotional and spiritual renewal as well as internal acceptance of one's own actions and efforts. It expresses the dreamer's sympathy for people who have a stable and peaceful life.
    see the bathrobe - there will be a chance for big changes in your life
    new bathrobe - you will deal with the difficulties that have prevented you from going beyond the usual patterns of behavior
    old and damaged bathrobe - you will experience mockery from a chaotic and lazy person
    put on someone else's bathrobe - you will learn new ways that you will start walking in life without much embarrassment
    leaving the bathroom in a bathrobe - you will overcome the primitive urges that have long been paving the way for success
    wet robe - you will squeeze some valuable information out of someone ideas that will help you win an embarrassing match
    hang it on a hanger - you will have problems with a certain emotional or social situation
    a woman in a bathrobe - your life will be disrupted by the love games with a stubborn suitor
    man in a bathrobe - it's time to end your love conquests and bet everything on one card
    try it on - a lot will depend on how you impress other people.

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