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Basketball in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Basketball in dreams is a symbol of teamwork and generally understood interpersonal cooperation. You will make a lot of progress in your life if you only cooperate with other people, teamwork will become because for you a chance for a better life.
    when you play basketball with someone - in your life there will be a situation in which you will need the help of other people to achieve a common goal with them
    play it alone - means that someone will put you to the test that you cannot survive
    when you see a person playing basketball alone - you will play with your enemy in one team, thanks to which you will jointly win an important life match
    if you sit in the stands and watch a basketball match - working alone will not guarantee you success, you will achieve it only when you ask a friend for help
    basketball game on TV - usually it is an announcement that you will get important information only if you take the first step yourself
    if you lose basketball - your move on a certain complex issue may be a nail in the coffin for your luck someone will save you from trouble
    win in basketball - is a message that if you want to win your life duel you need to focus more on your goals.

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