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Basement in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Basement may indicate problems that you do not want to face. In addition, it also represents the darkest thoughts, emotions and memories.
    be in it - your well-being will deteriorate
    go down to the basement - you will achieve happiness and prosperity
    stay in the old basement home - you will start to worry about your own future
    get trapped in the basement - a dream reflects a feeling of limitation and imprisonment in real life
    be attacked in the basement - you will do a job that will benefit your rivals more than you
    small - do not postpone important things for later, because you may not have enough time to get everything done
    dark - for some time you have been struggling with the same problems constantly, don't go full circle but focus on solving them
    empty - you are at a crossroads and you are not sure about your decisions
    tight - a dream is a symbol of basic desires and needs in every person's life, it is also an announcement lasting happiness
    big - mistakes and shortcomings in some area will start turbulent times in your life
    crumbling, dirty - you must repair what once in your life was destroyed
    cold, damp basement - you will start to have doubts about the sincere intentions of a loved one
    haunted basement - if you do not make a few significant changes in your life, you will not convince people who can help you in need
    flooded basement - your love affairs will bring only problems to you
    wine cellar - the dream reflects the desire to experience fiery love
    with vegetables - you will have to suffer follow the consequences of your unsuccessful ventures.

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