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Backland in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Backland in dream is a symbol of isolation and the need for inner contemplation. It means stagnation in development and lack of success in personal plans. Sleep is an expression of the need to rest from crowds and sight curious people who have a negative impact on our well-being and everyday life. A dream about a wilderness also symbolizes exile, loneliness or a thaw in business.
    seeing the backland - the vision of leaving someone will scare you so much that you want to make many changes in your life
    be in a backlands - you will finally appreciate how important it is to have a loved one by your side who can support you in difficult times
    live in a backland - you will find yourself in an uninteresting place of your own choice
    send someone to a backland - a certain person calls in you a series of negative feelings, most likely you would send her to the end of the world but you will still be him he used to tire with her for some time
    get out of the backland - sleep means getting out of hiding and loneliness and a break from all worries and understatements
    look for food in the backland - a certain situation will force you to make nasty moves, which you will be ashamed of for a long time
    meet someone in the backland - after a long separation you will finally come to someone to agree
    to die in a remote area - own death is never a positive sign, because it means the end of planned activities or foretells loneliness
    to kill someone backland - sleep is a sign of the beginning of a new life cycle.

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