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Baseball in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Baseball is a fairly common dream, it usually occurs when the dreamer watches a match live or on TV. The dream has to do with what challenges put yourself in your life.
    if you watch it on TV - the dream suggests that you should stop making past mistakes
    when you watch it on live - better start communicating in time with people with whom you have bad relations, because you need to clear the atmosphere around you as soon as possible
    if you wanted to but can't play baseball - it means that after a long time you will return to nature
    if during the game you kicked the ball and you cannot find it - you will work for a long time for respect of a certain man
    baseball field - you need more control in your life
    when you play in the major league - although you try to achieve as much as possible in in your life, remember that sometimes you need to take a step first to understand how to move forward
    if you are in the field of play - soon you will start an interesting phase in your life for good
    if you are a professional gamer - you don't have to worry about your own future anymore, just don't let anyone down on your way and everything will go according to your plan
    if you lost the ball playing baseball - a sign that you will take up a challenge that will be difficult for you
    famous baseball player - you still have a lot to learn and most of all, in certain situations, choose your words very carefully, otherwise you will have trouble maintaining good relations with other people
    referee during a baseball game - it is a clue to better communicate with your loved ones
    when you are the judge - you can expect someone to take work speech
    baseball bat - generally portends a difficult start that will not go according to your plan.

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