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Bankruptcy in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The bankruptcy dream is most often a warning against bad business and also against people who can cheat you. The transactions you make now may turn out to be unsuccessful and even harmful to your wallet. So be careful with people you meet in business as they may try to take advantage of you. Even watch out for your closest associates. Do not be afraid to speak in time when it turns out that not everything is right for you, as quick reaction may prove to be the key to success.
    If you bankrupt yourself, then you should be prepared to spend more, which will not bring you much joy. It will become very tedious for you to constantly buy expensive things and spend money.
    Dreaming of someone's bankruptcy is a sign that you will begin to carefully analyze the inclinations of a certain person, their behavior, confidences and statements. All this to make further decisions about joint ventures and financial transactions.
    If your company goes bankrupt, it means that you will only perform one of the two planned activities. Thanks to your attention and perceptiveness, you will catch up and you will manage to finish everything.
    Talking about bankruptcy in a dream tells you that you will stop hiding and concealing your desires, you will start talking about them, no matter what your audience is.
    Avoiding bankruptcy in a dream is a sign that you will independently deal with a problem that has so far seemed impossible to solve. If you focus on your task early enough, similar situations will be relatively rare in the future.
    Dreaming of a famous person's bankruptcy is a sign that you will not have to step back into the shadows if you stop inhibiting, become more talkative and start making contacts with different people, including strangers, with ease.
    The bankruptcy of a large company means you will draw the right conclusions from someone else's failure. Improper attitude of the closest environment to the obligation that you will have to undertake will make it difficult for you to overcome your negative attitude towards the new life situation.

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