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    Balloons can mean arrogance and inflated opinions about yourself.
    see a balloon or balloons - declining hopes and disappointments in the search for love
    black balloon - depression (especially when the balloon or balloons are falling)
    to blow or see the balloon rising - frustration with your current living conditions, over which you are trying to rise, sleep can also mean a desire to escape
    to see yourself in a flying balloon - you are constantly moving away from your goal
    to see a gas balloon burst - someone will be mad at you
    deflate him - a symbol of new hopes, aspirations and ambitions
    Also pay attention to the color and shape of the balloons. To find the color, click on the meaning of the dream color. When it comes to the shape of the balloons, you can find the appropriate symbol using our search engine, e.g. the name of the dog (look for the meaning of the symbol "dog").

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