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    The appearance of this symbol in a dream indicates the need to be noticed, it also indicates too openness and credulity towards other people. Sometimes a balcony may reveal hidden sexual needs .
    to see - you are looking for a higher statute or prestige
    to be on the balcony - you want to be noticed and heard by others; a dream can also mean you are climbing the social ladder and wanting success
    clean balcony - the eyes of others will now be on your side
    old balcony - you need to fix your image
    give a speech from the balcony - you want to get someone's attention
    build a balcony - your dreams will come true soon
    collapsing balcony - watch out, because you may compromise yourself in front of others
    fall off the balcony - keep your eyes peeled as you are in danger
    seeing someone fall from the balcony - you will fail to realize your many hopes.

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