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Balaclava in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The balaclava in dreams symbolizes hidden dangers and traps. It is high time to accept your current lifestyle and realize that only by working hard can we solve our problems and move forward in life.
    see a balaclava - means that in the near future something may happen that will upset you very much, you must finally stop being afraid and boldly face it
    black balaclava - it says that a certain person will embarrass you, if you want to come out of the whole situation with your face, better not take it personally and do not take it too personally
    a loved one wearing a balaclava - in each case it is a harbinger of a life transformation
    when you are afraid of someone in a balaclava - the dream portends a blockage in your private life
    when you put on a balaclava - the dream promises that you will be able to accept a certain changes, which will result in a spectacular success in the future
    wearing a balaclava - a sign that someone will entrust you with their secret, which you will need to keep secret; it is important to exercise discretion especially in financial matters
    when someone approaches you in a balaclava - it means that you will feel oppressed by a conceited person
    a assault in a balaclava - shows that you will have to learn a lot before you gain a reputation as a trustworthy person
    when someone puts a balaclava on you - the dream shows that a friend or relative is in crisis and you are the only person who can help him
    too tight or too small balaclava - a sign that if you reveal a secret entrusted to you, a certain person may never forgive you.

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