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Badminton in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Playing badminton usually means taking a short break in your life to rest. This is generally a very positive dream where the dreamer can finally begin enjoy what he does and be proud of his life achievements.
    plays badminton - suggests that you will take up a difficult challenge in life
    a losing game - is a message that for some reason people will become unfriendly towards you
    watching a game of badminton - is an announcement that you will meet at your the way of a friend who will need your help
    won the game - numerous honors will bring you closer to your desired goal
    lost game - to achieve complete harmony in life, you must first overcome any difficulties that arise on your way to your goal
    when a famous person plays badminton - with you finally begin to have a sense of emotional fulfillment
    a woman dreams of it - a dream can mean a complete blockade in personal relationships with other people
    when dreaming about him a man - your relations with the environment will improve significantly
    if you cannot play badminton - negative energy will start to disturb you in your daily activities
    if you play solo - a dream usually indicates unrealistic goals in life.

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