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Cradle in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

The cradle appearing in dreams heralds the taking up of new ventures, a peaceful existence, and home and social happiness. It is a symbol of relationship and maternal care. It can also herald a desire to regain control and independence in the dreamer's daily life. The cradle dream also generally reflects the need for care or protection in connection with the birth of a new baby. Alternatively, it announces the start of a new project or new beginnings.

The meaning of the cradle dream:

The view of the cradle in dreams reminds the dreamer of trivial and mundane matters that require special attention and delicacy from the dreamer. These types of dreams can serve as a warning to start giving more time and attention to your own children, as the passage of time may mean that there will be no opportunity for this in the future.

If you dream that you see a baby in a cradle, it is a sign that your life will be better than before because you will start to show more and more enthusiasm and determination in your actions.

Rocking a baby in a cradle in dreams foretells misunderstandings and quarrels in the immediate family. It also reflects the desire to bring a little joy and happiness into everyday life.

A broken or damaged cradle in dreams indicates impending trouble or health problems that may affect your children.

An empty cradle is a sign that you are lacking in confidence in your life and can also be a harbinger of serious health problems.

According to the dream book, buying a cradle is most often associated with the desire to have your own child. In another sense, it may be a sign of an unsuccessful attempt to start a family.

The dream of selling a cradle is a sign that you will start to be open to interesting ideas and that new opportunities will appear on the horizon, if you fear well, you will also get a new start in life.

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