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Backcloth in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Backcloths often symbolize the difficult nature of the dreamer, which makes it difficult for him to live with his own surroundings. Hiding behind the backs of others can only hinder social and communal relations dialogue.
    see - you will meet a nice man with similar interests
    cover yourself with them - you will meet a man with two faces
    suspend - you will achieve a goal that until now seemed difficult to achieve
    draw the veils - you will get drawn into someone else's trap
    hide behind them - you will try to cover up the infamous crime
    exposed - you will reveal someone's intrigue
    new - an unexpected guest will come and will surprise you
    old, dirty - you will get into a sterile discussion that will only irritate you
    torn backcloths - warns us to don't take any action if we are not absolutely sure that they are right
    patterned backclothes - the dream reflects the chaos in your life
    white backclothes - you will have unpleasant duties
    colorful - you are in for a financial crisis.

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