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    The airport can be a warning, especially if we are planning a trip in the near future, but above all it symbolizes the beginning or the end of our undertaking.
    see the airport - a nice adventure will end successfully for you
    to be at the airport - you will stop swinging in the clouds and start with your feet on the ground
    land at the airport - a dream marks the beginning of changes in your life; it can symbolize a new relationship, a new career path or a new adventure
    leaving the airport by plane - your plans will be significantly delayed or will fail
    run on it - someone will severely point out your mistakes
    get lost at the airport - do not expect anything good
    to lose something at the airport - start of a pointless action or venture
    looking for someone at the airport isku - you will meet a sensible person
    airport catastrophe - you will experience a nervous breakdown or disappointment
    wait for the plane - time for changes is coming.

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