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Buffet in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream buffet is a symbol of self-sacrifice, deep contemplation, mutual sharing and well-being, in a negative sense it also indicates troubles and family worries.
    when you see the buffet - it is a sign that you are missing something in your life; however, do not be deceived that getting it will give you the happiness you want
    if there is too much food in the buffet - it means that a relationship with a certain person takes up too much of your energy
    an empty buffet - shows that for some time you are constantly struggling with guilt, the most important thing is that you forgive yourself your mistakes and do not blame others for them
    Swedish buffet - some person will have a lot to offer you, try to so take advantage of her offer without spoiling the mutual relations
    if you invite someone to the buffet - you will take care of lying about your guests
    sitting at the buffet - means that you will start thinking about things you didn't have much time for before
    old man and a dilapidated buffet - many things are going to turn badly now, so do not set yourself up for an easy period in your life
    beautiful and new - it shows that slowly, You will be able to achieve success in small steps, but remember that you will do it as long as you leave your safe haven
    closed buffet - it may mean that someone will set you up or cheat
    open buffet - a symbol of new challenges, it can also herald that you will meet a soul mate on your way
    if you meet someone at the buffet - sleep is a sign of the need to contact other people.

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