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Back in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Back in a dream symbolizes a burden, stress or pressure that the environment is trying to put on you. Perhaps you are hiding a secret that you currently do not want to reveal to anyone .
    see your back - the secrets you hide will be revealed by someone you would never suspect
    see someone else's back - you will suffer financial losses
    bare back - avoid lending and giving advice
    to have a wound on your back - someone wants you for a long time
    have someone on your back - someone will bother you a lot
    show your back - you will be a participant in an unpleasant event
    if someone turns their back on you and walks away - this person is very jealous of you and will do everything in their power to harm you
    to feel back pain - sleep heralds a period stagnation in professional life
    straight back - you will boldly walk through life enjoying every free moment
    dirty - painful memories or unpleasant duties will disturb your peace.
    hunched back - an announcement of a serious old age
    turn them to someone - old feelings will return, which were painful for you.

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