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Advisor in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The dream of an advisor is a symbol of freedom and hope, it refers to your willingness to seek support, your confidence, and your need to be in control of everything that matters to you. You are afraid and do not know where your life is going, so listen carefully to the words coming from your heart and you may receive a useful clue. Dream can also mean that you have a constant need to advise others and are constantly faced with rejection. Think about it, perhaps the problem is your belief that you are always right.
    see an advisor - it's a call to always listen to other people opinions and play in a team, because a true leader is the one who walks close to his people, not in front of them
    being an advisor - may suggest that you would like someone at work to appreciate your effort and passion for work
    talking to an advisor - means that you feel that your freedom is threatened by people who are always trying to tell you what to do and how to live; a dream may also mean that you are feeling unfulfilled because of dreams you have not realized
    if you are with an advisor - you think that you deserve more than you have, but are afraid to ask for it, thinking that you may lose what you have already achieved; so don't stay too long where you usually get less than you deserve.

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