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Baboon in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A baboon appearing in a dream is a symbol of deeply hidden feelings, care and direct relations with other people. Only careful behavior can make you rich.
    baboon in the zoo - admonishes the dreamer not to be so direct with other people and be careful what he says
    if you are stroking the baboon - be careful lest your enemies discover your secrets or business plans
    if you dream that you are a baboon - you will be badly received by those around you because of your harsh words
    baboon in the jungle - may reveal a desire to hide from nosy people who are just waiting for you to stumble
    baboon stroking a baby baboon - it is a symbol of care for another human being or for your own offspring
    baboon behind bars - it is a sign that someone will cover you with a very bad name, perhaps also will deprive you of the rest of free personal space
    if you go to the peacock in your sleep - by your non-standard ideas other people will consider you a freak
    tame baboon - it means that you will defeat your enemy who has a very bad opinion of you
    fighting the baboon - it is a bad sign, it may herald an impending disease
    eating a baboon - means that someone will tell you their love
    baboon at home - means that people around you cannot understand who you are
    dead baboon - means that someone will get rid of your worst enemies
    if you are feeding the baboon - a dream tells you that you will stay betrayed by his smoothie.

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