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    A dream about a quarry means profits and expanding our current activity. It is also a symbol of hard work and our potential.
    seeing it - it means that there will be positive changes in your life as long as you show at least a little persistence
    if you are in it - you have a demanding task ahead of you and you must have certainty that you have chosen the best way to achieve it
    if you can't get out - there is an easier way to solve your own problems working in it - instead of working wisely, you only work hard rather it won't get you anywhere
    if you work with heavy equipment - you may need some help in your waking life, it's best to make sure you use all the tools available you need to implement your plans
    finding in it something valuable - it is a great prognosis for your finances and career, it can also be a sign that hard work will eventually bring tangible benefits.

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