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Avatar in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    An avatar in a dream is a false element of life, a projection of itself that is unreliable. Dream means that you are trying to hide your true personality from the world and live in false hope. Avatar in a dream is also a message that any secrets and unfair treatment of others in the future will have consequences.
    If you are one, it is a sign that your passive attitude will need to be changed. You usually don't react when someone upsets you and people present you as someone you are not really. Perhaps that is why the tensions in your life are constantly multiplying and proving anything to others requires more and more courage, energy and commitment.
    The sight of an avatar is a sign that you will begin to aspire to a higher social class than you are today. Perhaps this will give people the wrong impression that you are happy with your current financial situation and will eventually turn to you for help. A better way out is to stay yourself and gradually climb the ladder to success with the support of family and friends.
    An avatar of a friend is a sign that you will teach your friends and family to live the real life without having to pretend to be someone else. You will manage to convince them that the most important thing in life is to stay true to themselves and that they can achieve incredible things with their determination and hard work.
    An avatar of a stranger in a dream means that you will have to move to a distant place in order to finally start living normally.
    The silhouette of an avatar on a computer or TV screen means that you will learn an important lesson from life or that you will be able to complete a key project in a short time.

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