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    A dancer in a dream is a symbol of passion, love and romance. A dream usually portends getting to know a loved one, perhaps even a life partner. A dancer is also a sign of liberation and freedom Maybe you finally feel more like people in life or you start to act more spontaneously.
    view of a dancer - means that you feel that you are not who you really want to be
    if you see him dancing - then the dream portends that you will finally catch the wind in your sails and start a new, more courageous stage in your life
    if the dancer dances alone - it is a sign that it is high time to free yourself from the influence of other people
    a couple dancing - someone will misread your comments
    if you are a dancer yourself - stop spending too much time on unimportant matters because someone will eventually accuse you of not caring with actually your own priorities
    professional dancer - you will find your soul mate with whom you will have a very good relationship
    if you dance with a dancer - it is a sign that all complicated matters will finally find their happy ending
    admiring his dance - it is a symbol of liberation and a frivolous approach to life.

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