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Auction in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream auction suggests that it is time to look at your expenses from a different perspective and also to limit them. Any type of auction may indicate problems with people that can only be resolved through honest and open conversation. Such a dream can also indicate an exciting ending to a certain stage in your life, it is also a call to put your inner emotions in order.
    if you want to buy an item that no one is bidding on - your opinions will be rejected by a growing group of people over time
    if you outbid someone at the auction - it means that you will refuse to accept certain goods
    if you bid at the auction but to no avail - do not expect that you will suddenly get on well with someone or change them completely
    if you are participating in the auction - be careful, you may lose some of your wealth
    leading au ction - prompts the dreamer to get to know himself better or is a sign of happiness
    holiday auction - your relationship will now become more attractive and interesting
    antiques auction - you will face a summary of the good and bad sides of your relationship
    car auction - watch out for things that you think are dangerous and suspicious; a dream can also mean that you will now make quick decisions
    the auction house - your life predictions and the vision of a carefree future will not come true
    won item at the auction - it's a sign that it's time to focus on yourself
    if someone is bidding on your items - it is a sign of taking up new challenges in life
    auction on the internet portal - heralds a fight for power
    when someone outbids you - a dream heralds the loss of something that has already been acquired, obtained
    watching the auction - means that a certain problem from the past will be resolved and you will finally be able to go further
    when no one is bidding in the auction - your opinions and ideas will be ignored and underestimated.

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