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Belfry in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    According to the dream book, the belfry is a harbinger of important and sublime circumstances that are about to happen in the dreamer's life soon. The bell ringing on the belfry is usually a reminder of forgotten chapters in life that will return at the least expected moment. The meaning of the bell tower dream is usually interpreted as a warning not to forget about the elementary moments of life as well as important dates and circumstances.

Meaning of dream: Bell Tower

    Seeing a bell tower in a dream foreshadows good relations with the professional environment.
    The sounding belfry for lovers foretells marriage. When it rings announcing a funeral, the dream book reveals that someone with great authority will be interested in you.
    If you ring the bell, it is a sign that you will make a very valuable acquaintance with someone and that you will gain a special friend.
    Seeing someone calling her means that you will soon receive a satisfying message that will tell you what path you should be taking in life.

The bell tower in other dream books:

Mystical dream interpretation:

    According to the interpretation, the dream in which the bell tower appears heralds the receipt of new messages that will arouse your interest and push you to make an important decision in life.

Indian dream interpretation:

    You will solve a puzzle that will reveal the actions of your enemies. You will discover who is your supporter and who is your staunch opponent. You will also receive a life lesson, thanks to which you will start to look at the world around you differently.

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