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Astronomer in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The dream of an astronomer means that you are methodical and careful about life's obstacles and problems.
    view of the astronomer - it is a sign that your efforts in a certain project will soon be rewarded by fate
    an astronomer looking at the stars - you will meet someone who will have a lot to do with you tales of long journeys
    some astronomers - you will start to be proud of your achievements
    quarrel with an astronomer - you don't get any the argument from these other people
    if you are an astronomer - you achieve your goals slowly but surely
    when you see him at work - you will achieve in your life something that others can only dream about
    dream of Copernicus - it is a sign of a fight for the righteous good
    quarrel with Copernicus - means that you unwittingly follow another me instead of questioning their claims.

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